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Cannabis Canada is Canada’s #1 Online Mail Order Cannabis Dispensary which offers premium cannabis products. Cannabis Canada also offers premium magic mushroom products, DMT products, microdoses, LSD products and more!

We ship our weed discreetly in airtight packaging via Xpress Post to Canadians 19+.


Why Order From Our Online Weed Dispensary?

1. Express shipping right to your doorstep (1-3 business days via Canada Post unless Canada Post has COVID delays)
2. Vacuum sealed packages so all bud and shrooms stay fresh and untampered.
3. Free Shipping On Orders $99+
4. Discreet shipping, all packaged are unmarked and shipped discreetly.
5. Free 1/8th For All Orders

Marijuana & Magic Mushrooms Right to your Doorstep!

That's right! with Cannabis Canada we make sure that your mail order marijuana and magic mushrooms are delivered right to your doorstep in 1-3 business days.
We pride ourselves on sourcing some of the best cannabis and psilocybin products in Canada. We offer everything from cannabis, vapes, dried magic mushrooms, cbd, microdoses, edibles and even mushroom tea!
Cannabis Canada is the best place Online for all of your cannabis and magic mushroom needs!

Why Choose Buy Cannabis Canada As Your Online Dispensary?

- A Highly-responsive And Super-friendly Customer Support Team To Answer Your Questions On Live Chat Mondays-friday 8am-8pm & Saturday-Sunday 11am-4pm
- Wide Range Of Buds, Magic Mushrooms, DMT, Edibles, Vapes, And Concentrates
- Secure, Fast, And Discreet Shipping In Our Safe And Smell-proof Packages

Why Choose Buy Cannabis Canada As Your Online Dispensary?

- AAAA Strains
- A highly-responsive and super-friendly customer support team to answer your questions on live chat Mondays-Friday 8am-8pm & Saturday-Sunday 11am-4pm
- Wide range of buds, magic mushrooms, dmt, edibles, vapes, and concentrates
- Secure, fast, and discreet shipping in our safe and smell-proof packages




Cannabis Canada started from 2 guys with a strong passion for holistic health and natural healing through medicinal cannabis and quality cannabis products. Cannabis Canada has been growing and sharing its wide selection of cannabis strains, edibles, magic mushrooms, microdoses, DMT, LSD, CBD products, and more. We hold our suppliers to the highest level of standard when it comes to buying weed online in Canada so you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality Canada marijuana.

Happy Customers

Very nice weed and nice packaging.

Pam L


Always in nice and sealed packaging. Thank you for the great service team!

Jack P


Amazing customer service. Now I’m a repeat customer with not a single complaint! Products have been great!



My favourite place. Always good quality, and ON TIME!!! Zero Issues

Jacob M


How To Get Our Mail Order Cannabis?

To get started, you must be 19+ to create an account. Select the cannabis products you wish to purchase by visiting out shop and the desired products to your cart. Once you are done, enter you correct shipping information and select your payment option. Once your done, the checkout will provide you with the Interac E-Transfer details, Credit Card Checkout, or the Bitcoin QR code to send the payment too.

E-transfer & Bitcoin as payment options.

Discreet Shipping via Canada Post Priority (1-3 business days)

*Payments are approved within 24 hours and can take up to 48 hours on weekend*

*Orders received before 10am PST will be shipped same-day Monday-Friday*

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