How often do you feel the need to consume cannabis, and then stop soon after because of its side effects? Well, there is a way to enjoy weed, while lowering the chances of side effects. We suggest you ingest weed by using weed edibles.

Weed edibles contain cannabis in a lower amount, allowing you to enjoy the same benefits without the setbacks. Besides, they taste delicious!

Weed edibles also offer an alternative to people who don’t enjoy smoking, and thereby, help avoid any damage to your lungs. You can always buy weed edibles online, but keep the following tips in mind if you prefer homemade weed edibles.

Why Should You Make Homemade Weed Edibles?

Here are a few reasons why:

1.     Lower Price

Many of us prefer affordable homemade food. Besides, you also enjoy the luxury of customizing these weed edibles. With a creative mind and decent cooking skills, the results can be extremely delicious.

2.     Diet Restrictions

People dealing with specific allergies or diet restrictions can’t, at times, buy weed edibles since they aren’t entirely sure of their composition. Homemade ones allow you to control the items you put into the food.

3.     Customizing Cannabis

We all have different bodies, and our consumption should differ accordingly. Making weed edibles at home gives you a choice to customize the dosage. You can choose a cannabis variant which suits your body. It allows you to make a completely cannabis-customized dish.

What Else is Added to the Food Besides Cannabis?

We all know how cannabis is famous for making you high, but that is not all there is to it. Putting an entire bud or flower in your weed edibles provides extra nutrients to your food.

Yes, there are nutrients present in cannabis plants. These include fiber, protein, and minerals, along with antioxidants and vitamins as well.

Why is Decarboxylation Important?

To put it simply, if getting high is your priority, you need to work on it a little harder. It requires that you decarboxylate the weed to make weed edibles. If this is not done, your body will not absorb THC, which will prevent you from getting high.

What is Decarboxylation?

Cannabis in its raw form contains THC-A. It is a substance that cannot get you high. Thus, it is vital to heat cannabis. Heating causes decarboxylation and activates the cannabinoid.

Scientifically speaking, the method removes -COOH, a group of carboxyl. Hence, the weed gets bound to your body’s receptors and makes you high. This simply means heating equals getting high.

How to Decarboxylate Cannabis For Weed Edibles?

Grinding the bud of cannabis lightly and baking it later is helpful to get the full effect. To decarboxylate, bake the marijuana at 240 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 to 40 minutes.

While doing this, stir the bud at 10-minute intervals. It will ensure that the surface area of the bud is maximized.

There is another quick way to decarboxylate cannabis, but it isn’t as effective. You can bake the cannabis at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 to 18 minutes. However, it can ruin your high, and thus, patience is the key. Choose your method wisely.

Due to different strains of weed available, the time required to decarboxylate differs. What matters is that by the end of the process, the cannabis should be brown.

Another important tip is to ensure the cool-down process. Try not to use cannabis as soon as you take it out of the oven. You can grind it down further before using it in the recipe.

Decarboxylate Cannabis: Together or Separately?

There are a few recipes available to decarboxylate weed during the cooking process. Some online tutorials tell you to make sure of one thing: add the cannabis a little early. However, the chances are that you won’t enjoy the result of this cooking.

Decarboxylating the cannabis separately increases one more step in cooking, but it provides better taste and potency. This separate step allows you to control the temperature and wait till the cannabis is brown. Even though it is a little longer, the step is worth your time.

The Ideal Way to Grind Cannabis

Before using the decarboxylated cannabis in the recipe, it’s important to grind it. Most people prefer a standard food processor for this.

At times, a coffee grinder works too because it is easier to use. But these methods are not effective and come with some adverse effects on your food.

A strong plant-like taste can appear in your weed edibles while creating the power. It is due to the presence of chlorophyll. Besides, it can become problematic to strain the extra material of the plant. It affects the real taste of your weed edibles.

Therefore, you can choose a coarse grinder for crushing the decarboxylate cannabis. Using your hands for grinding will help in effective absorption. It also helps to avoid the extra material being mixed in the food oil.

Weed Edibles vs. Smoking

A fact worth highlighting is that edibles have greater potency in comparison to smoking. Moreover, the experience can be drastic if not taken properly.

It happens because the liver converts THC to 1-OH-THC. Thus, weed edibles contain long-lasting impact and greater intensity.

Start Small

New intakes require your body to get used to it. Therefore, it’s important to start with a small dose of weed edibles at first. It allows your body to react and understand how much you can take.

Cannabis takes time to get to your body, so don’t expect to get high immediately. The ideal amount you can start with is 5 milligrams of weed edibles. Before jumping to the next weed edibles portion, we recommend waiting for an hour.

Don’t Use Too Much Weed

As mentioned earlier, weed edibles have greater potency to get you high. Besides, when you cook weed edibles, only a certain number of cannabinoids get bound to fat. It means that you don’t need much cannabis because it’s just a waste of the product.

How Much is Too Much?

For a cup of oil, a cup of cannabis is enough and efficient. Do not include more than this amount. Otherwise, the excess amount gets wasted as it does not bind with the oil. Another important thing is the oil you use.

Coconut oil has a significant ratio of saturated fat and is the ideal oil for cooking weed edibles. This is because they have a higher chance of binding with more cannabinoids.

Selecting High-Quality Weed

Chemicals and pesticides are harmful to all human bodies. Besides, low-quality cannabis contains such toxic substances. Therefore, while you cook your weed edibles, ensure that you use high-quality cannabis.

The two things to be noted while using low-quality buds are that they can taste worse and have low potency. In the worst situation, the chemicals can react with your body badly.

When you’re looking for a high-quality bud, look for an intense aroma with green buds. You should avoid faint scents with yellow or tan buds. Find tight and dense buds if you’re using Indica. Whereas if you’re looking for Sativa, ensure that they are fluffy and light.

Infuse the Weed: Low and Slow

Make sure that your cooking process is on low heat and slow for the best results. Also, 320 degrees Fahrenheit is bad as the cannabis starts to degrade at that point. Ensure to avoid such a situation.

Besides, it’s also important to cook it for a long time. The long cooking time ensures increased potency of weed edibles. The ideal temperature to keep the oil is between 160 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Longer Cooking Time: Here’s Why

Cooking cannabis for a longer time ensures that cannabinoids become more potent. CBD and THC get activated during a shorter cooking time of weed edibles. However, CBN gets activated in case of a longer cooking time. CBN causes that sleepy feeling after consuming weed edibles.

Therefore, for maximizing the potency of weed edibles to get high, it is essential to cook for a long period. Besides, you can turn down the flame for better results.

Use More Water

Overheating can degrade the potency of your weed edibles; an effective way to avoid this by adding water to the edibles during the cooking process.

It’s common knowledge that fat and water are separated after cooling down. If you feel the need to remove residual water from the weed edibles, do so once it cools down.

How to Make Cannabutter at Home

There are various ways for you to infuse weed into an edible of your choice. However, we recommend a popular option of creating cannabutter. To cook this at home, boil a quart of water. After it reaches boiling point, add some butter and wait till it melts.

You can add the decarboxylated weed in the butter now. Make sure to lower the heat in this process. Also, ensure to keep the cannabis between 1.5 and 2 inches away from the vessel’s bottom. Cook the butter for 3 hours and turn off the heat.

Now, you can strain the content with cheesecloth. After the butter cools down, chill it in the refrigerator to ensure the texture of the butter.

Final Step: Always Strain

By the end of the cooking process, we want to clean up the mess and enjoy the weed edibles. But wait a little longer because the last step is as important as the first one.

Failing this step can cause some of the plant material to stay in your cannabutter. It can ruin the texture and taste of your weed edibles. Make sure to ensure that all the extra material in the pan is out before you consume the cannabutter.

Besides, it’s also vital to ensure that you do not squeeze it too hard. If you do, some of the plant-like taste can stay in the weed edibles, and we don’t want that.

Testing the Oil For Potency

Before using cannabis oil in weed edibles, it’s better to test the potency. It ensures that the dosage of your weed edibles turns out according to your need.

You can test this by mixing a teaspoon of oil in some food. Consume it and determine how you feel in an hour. Now you can adjust the dose accordingly by doing simple math and deciding the ideal amount.

Even Distribution of Oil

Be it cannabutter or cannabis oil, ensure that you spread it evenly with the weed edible. It will help in having properly mixed weed edibles. Otherwise, the potency of every bite of your weed edibles will differ.

How to Reduce the Potency of Weed Edibles

It is better to know the precautions you can take if you consume too much edible weed to get high. After all, we all love delicious food, and chances are, you might consume a little more than you should.

In case you do, experts advise you to consume foods with pinene; this includes pine nuts. Moreover, they are known for helping with mental clarity. Besides, you can also go for citric-based fruits like oranges, lemon, or grapefruits.

Whatever method you find interesting, you can buy it from

Weed Edibles Are Limitless!

The best part of weed edibles is that they are limitless. You can turn almost all your recipes into weed edibles. If you ensure that there is enough oil, you can use the cannabis oil or butter in any recipe of your choice.

All you need is some basic cooking skills and a creative mind. This way, your food tastes better than most restaurants.

Final Thoughts

So, after all this knowledge of weed edibles, we hope that your decision stays well informed. You can experience the high without spending excessive money on weed edibles online. We recommend buying online from Buy Cannabis Canada here.

Just follow a few quick steps at home, and you can experience the same high as marijuana offers, with your friends and family. Besides, you enjoy a delicious meal and meaningful conversation with your loved ones. What could be better than that on a Friday night?

Find the correct dosage for yourself and have an awesome high!

Please share your feedback and insights with us below.