You can use cannabis to make cannabis tea, which is helpful in countless ways. From this, you get the medical advantages of marijuana and the benefits of drinking tea. The various benefits of marijuana include relief for pain, anxiety, depression, migraines, among others.

As for tea, it is a natural beverage rich in nutrients and antioxidants beneficial in losing weight, preventing illnesses, and improving your overall health. When you combine cannabis and tea, you get a healthy booster drink that benefits both, your mental and physical health.

How Do You Make It? Here Are Five Ways

1.     Making Cannabis Tea Using Cannabis Flower

It is easy to make cannabis tea using cannabis flowers. You can grind up a strain of your choice as finely as possible and infuse it with a nice hot cup of tea. Boil a pot with four cups of water. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil once it starts boiling.

The coconut oil is the perfect add-on, as it promotes an easy THC infusion in cannabis, creating a strong cup of cannabis tea. You can also use various oils or butter as alternatives.

Once the oil has successfully combined with the mixture, add a gram of weed and boil it on medium heat. The tea should simmer for about 15 minutes without the weed burning. Once you finish boiling it, strain the mixture with a cheesecloth or strainer.

Your cannabis tea is now ready for consumption! You can also add sugar, honey, lemon, or ginger to get an extra kick of flavor and texture.

2.     Prepare Cannabis Tea Using Cannabis Tincture

You can also use cannabis tincture to make your tea. It is the fastest and most straightforward way to make it. The cannabis tincture is available online, and you can combine it with any drink or beverage. With just a few steps, you’ll have a great cup of tea with the powerful properties of cannabis.

Make your cup of tea as you would regularly, add your tea leaves, and let it infuse. You can add about 10 mg of the THC tincture into the infusion. This dosage is enough to give you a solid high along with powerful medical benefits. You can change the dosage per your needs.

Once you mix the ingredients, your cuppa is ready to enjoy! You can also add additives like sugar or honey to boost the flavor.

3.     Make Cannabis Tea Using Cannabis Butter

If you’re keen on making cannabis-rich edibles, then making cannabis butter is the ideal choice for you. Cannabis butter or cannabutter is easy to use in any meal or beverage, including cannabis tea. There are several steps to follow to make a good tea with cannabutter.

You can use any strain of cannabis to make the butter as long as you remember to decarboxylate it, in order to activate the THC. Spread the weed on a baking tray with baking paper and bake it in the oven at 245°F for 30-40 minutes.

Once you properly bake it, take a cup of unsalted butter and water onto a hot saucepan and melt it. Reduce the heat of the saucepan to 160°F-180°F and add 7-10 grams of decarboxylated weed. Strain the mixture after 2-3 hours and freeze it till it becomes solid.

You can mix some of the solid butter into a hot cup of tea and stir until it melts, to have a delightful cup of cannabis tea. You do not need a massive amount of it to experience strong effects, so don’t add too much.

4.     Prepare Cannabis Tea Using Readymade Mixes

The best method to prepare cannabis tea is to use readymade mixes. There are several brands you can purchase and use. They also save you a lot of time, as you don’t have to prepare it from scratch. You only need to mix them into tea and enjoy the effects.

There are many flavors available, like the Temple Tea Jasmine Green, Temple Tea Caramel Chia Pu Erh, or Temple Tea Moroccan Mint. They are used just like regular tea leaves.

You can also have cold teas like MOTA Iced Tea Mix to have a fresh glass of iced tea, with the effects of cannabis.

5.     Make Cannabis Tea Using CBD

Cannabis tea is terrific for anyone who wants to get the effects of cannabis in a drinkable form. However, if you want to get the benefits of cannabis tea without getting high, you can make CBD tea.

Similar to regularly cannabis-infused tea, there are various methods to make CBD tea. The simplest way is to mix the CBD Tincture into your teacup to get the benefits of CBD. You can also use CBD tea mixes like Ashwagandha, Ginger tea, Green tea, and even Lemongrass.

CBD does not have any psychoactive reactions or any uncomfortable side effects. Hence, since it is a healthier alternative to THC-infused tea, it is ideal for anyone who wants a simple drink charged with the health benefits of cannabis.

Summing Up

There are various recipes for iced tea, fruit-infused tea, detox turmeric tea, Kahwa, and Chamomile tea. It all depends on how you use your cannabis and what you use it for. You can also use your creativity to make a more complex cannabis-infused tea.

When looking for a healthier alternative loaded with medical benefits and no side effects, cannabis tea is a good choice. You can use any of the many listed ways to make it, if you need a quick boost or want to get a sweet high with your morning drink.

Regardless of whether you use oils, cannabutter, or readymade mixes to make your personalized type of tea, they are all effective methods. The primary point to note is to use all the ingredients effectively and pay attention to the details.

CBD tea is another alternative if you want to get the benefits of cannabis without getting high. We suggest you try all the different types, to find the ideal one for you. No matter what method you use, you can get everything you need from Buy Cannabis Canada.

Choose wisely and stay safe!