Hash is one of the marijuana concentrates, readily available on the market and loved by many. It’s a pot-world-delicacy that most people have heard of but don’t know how to smoke hash.

But that’s something which is about to change for you.

In this article, we discuss the multiple ways to smoke hash so you can find one that fits your preference and style. And while you’re sifting through those, also take a few minutes to refresh your memory on things you need to know about hash right away!

With a Pipe or Bong

One of the easiest ways of smoking hash is to pack it right into a bong or pipe. Ensure that you take a few minutes before priming your hash to enhance your smoking experience. Put it on a spoon or key, and then apply a flame to prime the hash.

Continue doing this until it becomes soft and crumbly. When it reaches a level of consistency, crumble it using your fingers and then sprinkle it into your pipe. When you’re smoking hash in a bong or pipe, you can use it alone or add flowers to it for the potency of the buds.

In a Spliff or a Joint

Another relatively easy and standard way of smoking hash is rolling it into a spliff or a joint. Begin by taking your rolling cannabis and rolling paper. Get some tobacco if you want a spliff. The most widely used method would be applying some heat to the hash, making it more malleable. Spread it on top of your marijuana and then roll it. If the hash is very malleable, you may create a “Snake” out of it. Utilize that in the rolling paper with the weed in place of crumbling it on top.

Using a Hookah

As one of the most traditional and convenient methods of smoking hash, hookahs are great for socializing as they have several attached hoses. To use this way, roll your hash in balls. Put them by the top of your hook. Use water to fill the hookah up to ¾ of it. Heat the charcoal and then put it on the hash.

With a Pine and a Glass

An original method of using a hash is catching the smoke with a glass container before using a pin and straw. Put some of the hash on a pine. Light some hash after taking precautions until you see a small flame. Blow out the flame and place a glass over it instantaneously. The cup will fill with smoke. For the straw to fit, tip up one of the edges of the glass enough. Inhale the smoke coming out of the straw.

Using a Dab Ring

You can dab hash by smoking it with a dab rig. This is more complicated and depends on the dab rig you’re using. Overall, you turn the torch before pointing the flame at a nail. As soon as the nail becomes extremely hot, turn off the torch and put a glass dome over the nail.  You can use the dabber to apply the hash on the nail directly within the dome to inhale it.

With a Vaporizer

You could vaporize hash with your pick of vaporizing if you don’t want to smoke hash. You can get a bit of a learning curve to learn how to vaporize hash with a portable vaporizer.

This is because you’ll need to get a set with degummed hemp fiber and a temperature range of 180 to 210 degrees Celsius to avoid the vaporizer from getting ruined quickly. It’s somewhat simpler with a tabletop vaporizer because it gives you the option of using a different bag. This separates the hash residue build-up.

People who want to use a tabletop vaporizer while keeping things simple can mix their hash thoroughly with a dry flower. Use the device as you would with a dry flower. Keep in mind that the dry flower should be more than hash.

Using a Bottle Hit

If you’re in the mood to get creative and combine hash with a cigarette, a bottle hit is a good option. For this, you’ll need a plastic bottle and a cigarette. Make a hole near the bottle’s bottom so that the cigarette can stick through. Ensure that the lid is in place, and then put some hash resin on your joint before lighting it. Please place it in the hold and let the bottle fill up with smoke. Put your hand on the hole in the bottom and remove the bottle cap before inhaling the smoke.

With Hot Knives (Not Recommended)

You can use hot knives or heated butter knives to smoke your hash, but it’s a very dangerous method that isn’t recommended. There are many easier and safer alternatives to smoke hash, so there isn’t a reason to try this one.

However, if you want to try it, ensure that you’re extremely careful. Begin by taking two butter knives that are pre-heated. Keep a straw handy as well. Utilize a coil stovetop or another heat source for heating the knives. Place some hash between them and press them together to compress the hash immediately. Smoke will form and catch it with a straw before inhaling. Make sure the straw always stays away from the knife, or else it might burn.

Types of Hash

Keep your smoking options in mind before reading these basics of hash that include the various types available.

A quick recap; the hash is a cannabis concentrate made from trichomes of marijuana. It will contain THC concentrations ranging from 20 to 60 percent.

Traditional Hash

The dark brown balls shown on the big screen in greasy films are exactly how traditional hash looks. This hash is created by separating matter from trichomes and then pressing them.

Ice Water Hash or Bubble Hash

Ice-cold water is used to wash trichomes from the flower and then filtered with a perfect micron bag to make this type of hash. It can be dry and fine, sticky and pressed, or anywhere in between. The color might be nearly black or a light tan shade.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) and Solvent Hash

Often made with solvents, hash looks similar to soft wax, shatter, or liquid oil.

There are multiple choices while using the hash, ranging from merely using a bong to dabbing or vaporizing it. Whatever method you choose, you can always find everything you need on our BuyCannabisCanada.