You may have a lot of questions if you are new to using cannabis products, especially shatter. Once you learn how to smoke marijuana shatter, the rest will become easier to understand. If it is confusing to decide what suits your body, you should get to know about smoking or dabbing a shatter.

You need to apply the concentrate to a hot surface before you inhale it. This concentrate vaporizes in dabbing. The highlighting point is that the concentrate is stronger than a marijuana flower.

Thus, with much higher potency, you need to use only a small amount of the substance. It will be enough to get strong results. The concentration of THC lies between 50 to 80 percent. But a bud is much less potent with 10 to 25 percent of THC.

There is an option to smoke the concentrate, but it is not the best answer if you want substantial results. Dabbing is more efficient, and you do not waste the shatter this way. It gives you a whole new experience.

How to Smoke Shatter Using a Cigarette

Smoking shatter with the help of cigarettes is an easy method. It is best to place the shatter at the end of a cigarette. There are two ways to do this. In case of a glassy shatter, put it at the end of the cigarette. This way, it melts into your cigarette.

But, in case of a sticky shatter, make sure to concentrate outside the cigarette and let it burn. Also, ensure to use small amounts. Otherwise, it melts and lands on your fingertips. It is essential to use it properly to avoid wastage.

How to Smoke Shatter in a Vape Pen

There are two types of vaporizers: portable and desktop. We recommend using a portable vaporizer. The best with this vaporizer is that you can carry it everywhere and charge it with a USB. Besides, it is better to avoid the desktop one.

Another highlighting fact is that vape pens do not combust the concentrate. Thus, you enjoy the flavor with a quality pen. Please make sure not to buy a cheap pen as it degrades the quality of the concentrate. Your experience gets weaker.

How to Dab Shatter Using a Rig

Smoking shatter with the help of a dab rig is the most efficient method. This equipment is like a bong which contains a metal nail as well as a blow torch. The design of the dab rig makes the best use of cannabis concentrates.

Once you inhale, the shatter hits with the greatest potency, lasting for several hours. Besides, shatter takes effect as soon as you inhale it.

How to Get Started

The first step is to get a good quality of the substance. Ensure that you do not choose alcohol-based concentrate. Besides a good concentrate, get a water pipe which can replace glass bowl parts. It can help turn the pipe into a dab rig.

After this, you will need a nail to fit in the gauge. There is a common one available in the market by the name of Titanium.

For heating purposes, the torch in the rig is useful. There are larger ones available in the market which have propane. It heats up in no time. The last thing you need is any tool to apply the dab to the rig.

Dabbing Shatter

After setting up the dab rig, you are good to go. Since the THC you will intake is strong, inhale it at a safe place. You do not want to get involved in a dangerous situation. First, aim the torch towards the nail and wait for it to turn hot.

Now, you can turn off the torch. Once you are done with the heating, put the glass dome over the nail. If you are using a quartz nail, wait for 45 seconds to let it cool. But you only need to wait 10 seconds with the Titanium nail.

Titanium maintains the temperature and ensures a good experience for you. Inhaling feels a little warm, and the ideal temperature is between 290 to 400 degrees Celsius. Thus, using the right dab makes the experience worth your efforts.

Finally, add the dab to the nail and inhale the vapor while enjoying the new experience. We recommend rotating the tip of the nail as some extra oil remains. Wasting the oil will not be a wise choice, and you can use it for another dab.

You have another option to wait till it hardens. Take the dab and place it in some rubbing alcohol. Further, boil it and let the alcohol evaporate before use. Now, gather the shatter and continue to enjoy your dabbing experience.

Do not burn yourself as the dab gets red hot. Take extra care of yourself during this new experience. Besides, the glass turns hot too. So, ensure proper measures to avoid getting hurt.

There is also a choice to use e-nails and control the temperature according to your need. When done right, a thick cloud of smoke appears for you to dab and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

As highlighted before, the concentration of cannabis is much more potent. Thus, it would be best if you were careful while using it. So, start with small steps of dabbing or smoking. Ensure that you are around safe people and take the necessary precautions.

We recommend doing this at home with people you trust. Since the first time can be tricky, wait for a while before taking another shot at dabbing. Taking the process easy is the best way for your body to adapt to the new experience.

Make the experience enjoyable by not indulging in it too much. Also, ensure taking care of your red-hot tools. Once you return to your usual self, take care of the cleaning. It does create a little mess to look after.

You can get high-quality marijuana to shatter from Buy Cannabis Canada. Also, you can share your experience or insights on how to dab or smoke marijuana with us. Feel free to comment below. We would love to know your experience and the products you use.