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Type: Hybrid
THC: 20-25%

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Dolato is an Indica dominant hybrid strain process by blending genetics from Gelato 41 and also Do-Si-Dos. The outcome? A yummy strain that delivers a relaxing high which can leave you to put back with no heavy sedation.
Dolato is a sweet-smelling cannabis strain that has notes of pine and earth. Properly cultivated buds are compact and seaweed-green with lean vanilla pistils. Some customers warn that while Dolato will calm your mind, it’s also going to make it obscure or dazed, and thus don’t expect to have a lot of while attempting this breed. Medical patients also have said they have used Dolato for chronic pain as it might help numb or deliver to a nice tingling sensation into affected parts.

Flavours: Citrus, Earthy, Pine

Medical: Depression, Stress, Insomnia

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2 reviews for Dolato

  1. Ollie Louis

    I’m sure it’s fantastic! I’m now a big fan of DOLATO. I started experiencing benefits at this point.

  2. Potter

    Awesome!!! Great service nice pleasantly mild experience. Thanks 🙂

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