Gods Green Crack
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Gods Green Crack


Grade: AAA
Type: Hybrid

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Gods Green Crack

Also called GCG or God’s Green Crack is a well known Indica hybrid breed consumed by Jordan of the Islands, who had one aim in mind in their own breeding attempt — to lighten the hard-hitting effects of God marijuana using a mind-cleansing and playful buzz out of Green Crack Sativa.

The descendant of this Indica (60 percent ) and Sativa (40 percent ) parents, the Green Crack God provides both body and cerebral impacts that attract the consumer into a euphoric state of mind whilst relaxing muscles.

When you have a better look at its buds, then you’ll observe a deep purple coloration, which can be due to reduced temperatures God Green Crack is increased in.

God’s Green Crack strain proves especially helpful for evening actions or before bedtime. The uplifting cerebral chills can continue for approximately two hours, followed by the body-mind comfort and a couch-lock if you overindulge in its amazing buds.

In terms of the odor and taste profiles, you can anticipate a tangy smell using an obvious hint of fresh berries and mango undertones. The Indica/Sativa ratio in Green God Crack supplies medical marijuana users with relief from stress, anxiety, and muscle strain . In addition to this, the strain enhances focus, being an ideal pick for microdosing cannabis in case you require mild stimulation throughout the day.

Much like the vast majority of Indica-dominant hybrids, the GCG strain may cause food cravings, so be ready for some serious munchies after your smoking sesh. Aside from that, you can anticipate reddish eyes and dry mouth in case you have Green Crack God in considerable quantities.

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2 reviews for Gods Green Crack

  1. White

    Really perfect. thank you very much!!!

  2. Holmes

    This tasted great and it did the job perfectly. fan of it

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