God’s Green Crack
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God’s Green Crack


Grade: AAA

Type: Hybrid

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God’s Green Crack

When a strain comes out of a bud variety that astounded Snoop Dogg himself and it’s God in its own name, there has to be something extraordinary about it. However, in spite of its strong name, God’s Green Crack is a gentle, well-balanced hybrid that claims to carry you around the cloud twice utilized.

God’s Green Crack derives from God’s Bud and Green Crack. It’s a very first parent is an Indica-dominant strain with an extremely large potency and more striking psychedelic results. Thus, to tone down it, Jordan of the Islands chose to cross God’s Bud using the Sativa-dominant Green Crack which has existed for ages and obtained finally renamed by Snoop Dogg.

God’s Green Crack creates a gentle psychological high while preserving its effectiveness. Following a couple of minutes of swallowing this breed, you will start to experience its consequences which are especially brain-centered. At that stage, you need to be able to feel all of the unwanted emotions disappear. In terms of its own Indica-driven attributes, God’s Green Crack unites the cerebral top using a calming body feeling that leaves an individual comfortable for hours.

Flavours: Sweet, Woody, Earthy

Medical Use: Stress, Insomnia, Pain, Depression, Fatigue

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2 reviews for God’s Green Crack

  1. Perry

    Absolutely amazing! Couldn’t have asked for a better service.

  2. Kennedy

    I was a bit hesitant to try this initially but it tastes really nice and it is quite smooth also. It has a nice little kick to it as well.

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