Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop



Type: Hybrid

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Lemon Drop

While the scent and odor are sufficient to make this strain memorable, it is not the only thing it is known for. Since the first few tokes enter the system, the high speed such as a bullet train, moving from 0-60 in a flash. Better buckle your seat belt with this particular one.

The procedure starts with extreme cerebral stimulation, amplifying the response of our perceptions. It is the type of strain that assists you to hear colors and see sounds.

An increase in psychological activity in many instances causes some stress, although perhaps not with Lemon Drop — in reality, its the reverse. This lively Sativa breed is a societal celebrity, providing you with the gift of gab. No more do the ideal words look out of reach, but are in the tip of your tongue.

What’s evident is that the engaging properties of this strain. Whatever job, hobby or task in hand becomes your whole world. All external factors do not matter and the current moment is the only worry.

Lemon Drop is an exceptional strain made for the daytime. If productivity, participation, and concentration would be everything you need in your own life, forget about anything else and allow Lemon Drop to perform the job.

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