Wedding Pie



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Wedding Pie Strain Information

Wedding Pie provides a powerful Indica hybrid that’s full of taste that’s sweet of grapes and berries. This breed will immediately set your head to a profound calm as you forget about all of the temptations of daily. Experience a high that profoundly moisturizes the entire body and melts into this yummy dessert.

Medical Benefits

For medicinal customers, a couple of tokes of Wedding Pie before bedtime is going to be the perfect nightcap for falling asleep right into a profound slumber. Any pain inside your body is easily quelled thanks to its daring bodily results and sedative character.

Additionally, it has a deep ability to depart you unfocused for hours on end that could be the greatest treatment for depression and anxiety.

Appearance, Taste And Aroma

Wedding Pie is unmatched in regards to its superb sweet taste, the blossom packs a yummy taste of sweet avocado, nuts and berries combine to signify the most beautiful experience. This dessert will immediately remind you of the joy you had from the wedding day.

This breed power will strike quickly because of will be THC levels of a typical 21 percent that’s guaranteed to get you uplifted and feeling good. Provided That you like sweet breeds, Wedding Pie is likely to become your fresh go-to nightly smoke

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