You might have wondered at some point, or the other, that cannabis is nearing legalization, may as well smoke it already. Haven’t you? Well, most of you have. Not to forget, involving in marijuana means inviting innovation and cool activities.

Some of those activities are rolling joints, eating a few delectable edibles, or vaping flowers on the go. However, regardless of what kind of smoker you are, you sure must have once thought of owning a glass bong, haven’t you?

Glass bongs are plenty in the market and are gaining popularity for various reasons over time. From their requirement in the real world to the solution to all of this, we have it all planned.

But where did the glass bongs come from? The answers are shouting to be set free. But we have set you free now. Here in this blog post, you will learn everything you need to know about glass bongs and the extra bit you can do to elevate your smoking experience.


What Exactly Are Glass Bongs Anyway?

A glass bong resembles a device like a water pipe. It is used to smoke tobacco, cannabis, and other herbal substances. There are so many!

Glass bongs are cylindrical in shape with a simplistic approach to their design with a water chamber at the base, a stem, neck, and a mouthpiece. They use water as their medium of filtration.

Bongs made from Glass do not use normal Glass, but a special glass material called borosilicate glass which is more durable. They come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. They are considered to be one of the most priceless and important tools of stoners that has style.

Stoners frown about sharing their bongs with others. And although not extremely durable, a kush bong is easy to clean and are reusable. Being clean offers a natural experience for smokers, making them come back for more.

If you enjoy collecting stuff that is uniquely useful and believes in making progress, you should move ahead and let the glass bong idea last.


A Quick History of Glass Bongs

When it comes to talking about the history of glass bongs, you cannot specifically mention one place of their origin. They have originated from numerous cultures. While some believe glass bongs have their roots in the Middle East as their design imitates hookah pipes, others believe they’re in Asia.

Asian origin bases on the fact that the word “bong” is derived from the Thai word “baung”, which means a wooden bamboo tube. Also, the uncertainty further leads to the fact that there is no evidence of the origin of glass bongs in the countries of China, Africa, and Russia.

As interesting as it may sound, bongs were introduced in Western Culture around World War II. In the year 1944, the McFarland Thai-English Dictionary defined the word “bong” as “smoking kancha, tree, hashish, or the hemp plant.”

In 1966, San Francisco, America, took the lead in opening the first shop. Eventually, a designer by the name of Bob Snodgrass started designing the bongs to gather revenue for his tour with the Grateful Dead. Those designs became the popular-most designs of glass bongs we see in the market today.

Snodgrass later settled in Oregon. There he practised and mastered his work. He used hippie culture, vibrant color, and unique designs to highlight his designs. He was such an inspirational artist that his ideas of designs still inspire the glass bong designers today.


What Do Glass Bongs Consist of?

Most of you might be wondering, “Why glass?” And your doubts are right. Glass is fragile and not potentially the most useful daily use material. However, the Glass is durable and far more long-lasting in the process.

Glass is even more durable when cooled slower than usual. Also, the artists find it a lot easier to mold and shape the glass bong. But as already mentioned, a kush bong consists of the water chamber at its base, stem, neck, and mouthpiece.

However, as simple as it may sound, it’s not. Here’s how.

The bowl is where you pack the cannabis and the tobacco or any similar substance. Bowls are available in various sizes and shapes. However, not to forget, the bowls are only a medium to push the stuff in.

The bowl has an attached part to hold the ash. You surely don’t want it to get in your mouth, do you?

The stem below is one of the most important parts of your bong. It connects the water chamber to the bowl of the bong. While there are varieties of kush bong, typically, a straw is attached to the stem connected to the hole. This joint holds the stem of your bong.

Usually, these joints come in various sizes of 10 mm, 14 mm, and 18 mm sized holes according to your preference. A glass bong also has a percolator to filter the smoke out through the water in the chamber.

Also, the splash guard in your glass bong keeps the water from bubbling upwards to your mouthpiece. And lastly, the smoke from the bong travels to your mouth and lungs via the mouthpiece of the bong. Now just wait for the psychedelic effects of marijuana effects to set in.


The Working of Glass Bongs

The mechanics of a glass bong is quite interesting and scientifically straightforward. When you light up the dry herbs in the bowl, the fire’s heat converts into gas upon breaking down the herbal particles.

The bong’s job is to filter out the unnecessary particles out of the smoke with the water in the chamber. The bong’s purpose is to take in pure smoke without unwanted particles. The water acts as the sieve here, keeping back all the impurities, tar and ash, letting the smoke pass out to the mouthpiece to your lungs.

Gravity bongs are more or less similar to glass bongs. They are a cheaper alternative to glass bongs that has a different route to smoke the herbs.

However, they work somewhat differently. Gravity bongs use two empty plastic bottles to push the smoke out through water into your lungs. But this method requires you to submerge a smaller version of a bottle. The bowl here would be on top of a larger water bottle or a bucket of water.

When you light up the herbs, the small bottle needs to be taken out of the water, you undo the lid, while gravity does the work sending the smoke to your lungs when you hold your mouth open over the bottle’s top.


Benefits of Using A Glass Bong

Using a kush bong can give you several benefits. Some of them are pretty obvious, while others aren’t.

The water filtration system prevents most of the ash, tar, and other unwanted materials from entering your lungs. As the water filters them out of the smoke, you consume only the smoke that reaches your lungs.

Glass bongs pull out the potentially harmful toxins or carcinogens from the herbs that aren’t filterable when smoked in through a pipe.

Additionally, the water filtration system of glass jars saves you time for the smoke to cool before reaching your mouth or lungs. This way, you get to experience a smoother, milder, yet better-tasting experience.

Also, a kush bong is easy to use and reusable. During your course of using the glass bong, you may find that the water becomes brown and sticky. But the solution to this is pretty clear. Make sure to clean the bong after every use. This way, you always have a smooth and quality experience.


Final Thoughts: Which Glass Bong Suits You Best?

Amidst the wide array of choices of the glass bongs you have, it is quite challenging to choose the one. The color, size, shape, and style, all factors can successfully confuse your decision. More so, if you’re a newbie to the smoking ground!

You also have the potential option of creating yourself a design instead of purchasing one. However, this is only the beginning. And beginnings are confusing initially, but they can lead you to great things later.

Although glass bongs have different essential parts, they all account for a wonderful experience. After all, there’s a reason why there are so many cannabis fanatics worldwide. However, before listening to us or following somebody else’s guide, it’s best to research on your own.

Selecting the best bong requires familiarity with several types of bongs. Only when you learn the difference among the many options and the benefits of choosing a glass bong over other, you’ll choose one. One such site is the Online Mail Order Cannabis Dispensary, Canada. It has some of the best finds of bongs you can count on.

The hard task will already be gone, and we’ll be left with the effects of the cannabis we hit in our lungs with the beautiful glass bongs in the end.

Whatsoever, while you’re in the process, you’ll be learning so much and finally find your best glass bong in the coming smoking session. But remember, one puff and keep it going!