Do you thoroughly enjoy the high of weed? Do you find cannabis rather intriguing? Do you turn into your best self when taking three drags each in a joint-smoking session among friends?

If you answered yes to all these questions – you, my friend, have entered the sweet world of a watermelon sugar high. And the only way from hereon is the way forward. So, uncovering the secret to rolling a perfect joint is the right step ahead; it’s a rite of passage, to be honest.

Even if you’re a true pothead, you would agree that rolling the perfect joint is an art.  Frequent smokers too, in fact, sometimes find themselves failing at it consistently and continuously. In order to be able to do it right, therefore, you need to set your learning foundation strong.

With the steeping popularity of psychedelics, their benefits, and the fun they add to different experiences, people resort to more innovative ideas of rolling a joint.

But the key thing to look out for, when rolling one regardless, is that you ensure the burning of the joint takes place smoothly and evenly.

To help you get started on acquiring this life-changing skill, here are five simple steps to learning how to roll a perfect joint.

Put on Coldplay’s Hymn For The Weekend and get rolling – pun intended.

Step 1: Get Ready With Your Rolling Supplies

Before rolling the perfect joint, you need to prepare and gather all the necessary supplies. Here’s a download on the materials to arrange before getting your hands dirty:

  • Filters
  • Marijuana grinder
  • Pen or pencil for helping you pack the joint
  • Rolling papers
  • Your favorite cannabis strain

 Step 2: Select the Rolling Paper

Choosing the appropriate rolling paper has a lot to do when learning how to roll a perfect joint. Rolling papers are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. So, it might be intimidating to choose from an array of options.

Moreover, you have options to select from the colors and flavors of these rolling papers as well. But, choosing happens to be one of the most challenging things for newbies because they have no idea where to start.

Don’t worry. You will not be one of them when we’re done with you!

To roll a perfect joint, you must use thin rice or wheat straw paper precisely in your desired size, whether standard or king. The thinner and finer the papers are, the better it is to roll a joint.

Step 3: Grinding Time

The grinding bit is a vital part of this entire lesson on how to roll a perfect joint. Once you are ready with the needful, you want to get rid of all the stems, leaves, or seeds of the weed by grinding it well. However, grind the weed evenly but not too much. A powdery solution would make joint-rolling a more challenging task than some already find it.

Also, you should not leave the weed into larger pieces, as that would slow down the weed from burning or make it burn unevenly. That is why it is important to grind the weed evenly.

Have you ever tried kief with weed? It is a high content of THC, which, when added to your weed joint, gives you the kick. If you prefer kief, make sure to purchase a grinder that has a dedicated sieve collecting this potent material.

Got much of your weed left out? No worries. Get an airtight container and put the leftover marijuana in the container, and keep the container in a cool, dry place.

The amount of ground weed needed for rolling the perfect joint depends on certain factors. These include the size of the rolling papers and if you’re smoking alone or sharing a joint.

Typically, half a gram of ground weed is used while rolling one joint. But if you’re sharing the joint with your buddies, you may have to grind about a gram of weed for a single joint.

Wait for a second! Do we roll joints out of pure weed?

Step 4: Prepare Your Mix

If you enjoy smoking up raw weed, you can skip this step and move on to the final step.

One key technique to make the perfect joint is to create the perfect mix which allows your joint to breathe. But what can you mix with weed? You can mix marijuana leaves or tobacco. The idea is to steer clear of any clingy parts or marijuana lumps so that you get the proper consistency out of your mix.

If you choose to add cannabis leaves, it would be best to aim for the female marijuana flowering plant’s top ones. This way, you’ll get the most, and the leaves are potent too. But tobacco is by far the most common addition made to weed while rolling a joint.

This way, when you’re making the joint, you are creating a “spliff”.

Also, pro stoners might prefer adding hashish to their joint so that they can take and enjoy their sesh to another level.

Step 5: Rolling the Perfect Joint

When you’re done making the perfect mix of your favorite additive, it’s time you create the tip for your joint that would work as the filter. Usually, thin cardboards with rolling papers are available as joint-rolling kits as a whole. But you can still make them at home with business cards or cardboard.

To make the filter, all you need to do is fold the tip to take the form of a pleat before giving it the desired thickness.

Now, holding a rolling paper with the glue side up before adding the mixture, add the weed blend and the filter tip to the joint. Start shaping up the joint.

Make sure to pack the joint evenly. You don’t want it to canoe! Also, be mindful about not adding too much of the weed blend as then it would be difficult to close the joint.

Once you are done, the final touches to your joint to make it perfect would be to use a pencil or a pen to even out the mixture if it isn’t already. Then, twist the front of the joint to fix the blend inside the rolling paper, making sure it won’t drop out.

Voila! You’re ready to smoke up.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read it all, you know that rolling the perfect joint isn’t that hard but is indeed an art. It is, therefore, one of the most iconic ways of smoking weed. There sure are many ways to roll a joint. However, with these five steps, you’ll be set with rolling the perfect joint every time.

Also, you can check out the Canadian Online Dispensary for various joint or weed related accessories to suit yourself in your smoking journey.

Since stoners find everything soothing and call joint-rolling an art, aren’t you curious to find which rolling techniques suit you best? While you find that out, why not roll a quick one with our steps and smoke away, while in the process?